Worship Services

Parish of Upton cum Chalvey

Update 6 April 2021 

We now start the new pattern of liturgies.

Then a decision will be made regarding further re-opening of our churches and restoration of our liturgies. This pattern has been discussed with the parish wardens and the district wardens, whom I thank for their responses and observations.

Fr Alistair (Vicar)

From Low Sunday (11 April 2021)  until June 6th the pattern is:

Sundays: Mass at St Mary’s, 10am

Tuesdays: Mass at St Mary’s, 10am

Wednesdays: Mass at St Peter’s 9.30am

Thursdays: Mass at St Laurence’s, 10am

All services from St Mary’s are also streamed live through Zoom meeting. Meeting link is given below.

1000 Sunday 23 May - 20 June 2021 view service with Zoom

Please inform anyone you can think of who may not have email or internet access.

Your responsibility
Although we take every precaution in our worship to prevent the spread of covid-19 the fundamental responsibility is that of everybody present, in particular in maintaining social distancing at all times, and in covering your face. And do not attend if you have any symptoms which may be covid, or if you have been in contact with any person so diagnosed.

Our shutdown was caused by people not observing these simple precautions; please do not be the cause of another shutdown.