Worship Services

Parish of Upton cum Chalvey

Normal pattern of services to be resumed from 15 August 2021

St Peter’s

Sundays:         9.30am           Family Eucharist with children’s group

Wednesdays: 9.30am           Holy Communion

St Mary’s

Sundays:         9.30am          Family Eucharist with children’s group

Sundays:         6.30pm          Evensong/Evening Prayer (BCP)

Tuesdays:       10.00am        Eucharist

Wednesdays: 12.30pm        Eucharist

St Laurence’s

Sundays:        11.00am          Family Eucharist with children’s group

Thursdays:    10.00am          Holy Communion

Liturgical arrangements in Upton cum Chalvey from 15 August 2021

As you are aware all legal restrictions on our worship have been lifted from 19 July 2021.

Whereas there is no absolute protection from Covid 19, our aim is to make the worship of the church as safe as possible for those who are clinically vulnerable or unvaccinated, whilst allowing those who wish to participate in worship to fullest extent.  Each person must decide for himself or herself what degree of risk they are willing to take.  Our role as clergy and wardens is to allow you scope to make your own decisions.

The following arrangements are put in place for the protection of vulnerable, and have been agreed by the parish wardens and the district wardens of all the churches.  Please read the following directions with care and please respect the decisions that others make for themselves.

At all churches there will be a “red” area. At St Laurence's this is the left side of the aisle, and at St Mary's this will be made up of the side pews, with additional seating at the back. In St Peter's the area is very small, by the sacrament chapel.

If you sit in these areas you will be able to maintain a social distance. We will expect you to wear a face covering if you sit in this area. We ask you to respect the space of those people who sit in this area, and not to participate in singing if you are in this area.

In other areas of the churches social distancing and face covering will not be expected. But you are asked not to enter the red areas.

Refreshments will resume as before. You are under no pressure to participate.

Singing at services will resume. You are reminded that covid is spread by aerosol, which is why singing has been prohibited through the lockdown. You are asked not to sing if you are seated in the red area.

Holy Communion:
Holy Communion will be given in both kinds. However, there is no expectation that you receive Holy Communion from the chalice if you are uncomfortable with this, and your decision will be respected. However, we ask that you do not dip. Please either receive the chalice, or not.

At St Laurence's and St Mary's the ciborium will be kept covered. Clergy and eucharistic ministers will continue to wear face shields at distribution.

Liturgical books:
We will return to the use of shared liturgical books, as the risk of covid transmission from these is small. If you wish, however, you may take a book home to keep for your personal use... but don't forget to bring it each time you attend!

The peace:
The peace will be shared in red areas as at present, without breaking social distance. If you are in another part of the church you may share the peace with your neighbour, but please do not move around the church.

Children's activities:
Sunday school will resume at St Peter's on 15th August, though will then go into a summer recess!

Our aim is that everyone should feel comfortable in our worship. However, if you are clinically vulnerable or unvaccinated it is more likely that you will be able to feel comfortable in St Mary's or St Laurence's, simply because of the limited size of St Peter's.  

While no one can guarantee total protection from covid, we believe we are taking reasonable steps to keep everyone as safe as possible and at the same time ensure everyone is able to return to a familiar form of communal worship. We are sure we can rely on your cooperation to help us to achieve this.