Christmas @ St Peter’s

Christmas @ St Peter's

20th December:

Covid Christingle (!) at the 9.30am mass at St Peter's, with a short outdoor carol service for the parish at 4pm... at St Peter's.

24th December:

Crib service for all the family at St Laurence's (4pm)
Midnight mass at St Peter's (11.30pm)

25th December:

Mass of the dawn at St Mary's (9.30am)

Family liturgy at St Laurence's (10am)
Mass of the day at St Peter's (11am)

26th December:
Mass for St Stephen's Day at St Laurence's (10am)

27th December

Said Mass and Holly Communion at 09:30 am

1st January (2021)
Mass for the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God at St Peter's (noon)

Otherwise the usual services on the usual days!